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February 8, 2014
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February 6 and 7
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Real-World Redis with Ruby
Real-World Redis with Ruby
Redis is a data structure server, but yet all too often, it is used to do simple data caching. This is not because its internal data structures are not powerful, but I believe, because they require libraries which wrap the functionality into something meaningful for modeling a particular problem or domain. In this talk, we will cover 3 important use cases for Redis data structures that are drawn from real-world experience and production applications handling millions of users and GB of data: * Leaderboards – also known as scoreboards or high score tables – used in video games or in gaming competition sites * Relationships (e.g. friendships) – used in “social” sites * Activity feeds – also known as timelines in “social” sites The talk will cover these use cases in detail and the development of libraries around each separate use case. Particular attention for each service will be devoted to service failover, scaling and performance issues.
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Target Audience: Intermediate to Advanced Developers
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